Cugini (coo-gee-nee)

cousin; di primo, secondo grado first, second cousin.

Our Story

Cugini first opened its doors in 2012 thanks to a family collaboration between cousins, hence the Italian translation cugini.

Cugini is located on the Bellerive Quay and overlooks the gorgeous backdrop of Kangaroo Bay.

Owners Marco and Alfonso Giusti work together to create a lovely Italian experience for the diners at Cugini.

Cugini offers traditional Italian dishes, pizza, homemade pasta, calzone, veal and more.

As well as having their standard menu, Cugini also offers weekly special dishes to temp your taste buds.

Come to Cugini for a romantic evening, special occasions, as a group or enjoy brilliant take away.

Cugini also cater for children and many special dietary requirements.